Albassam plastic Est.

       For the last two decades, Bassam for Plastics  name has been connected with high quality and excellence regarding whether marketing or packing and casing production.

As for marketing we moved from simple local marketing to international marketing using advanced methods and technology.

In terms of marketing, it is a local marketing in a simple manner to an external marketing and in a manner advanced and modern means In terms of production associated with Al-Bassam name the best production of the types of plastic bags and printed One of the main priorities of our administration is the customer satisfaction in finding a long-term cooperative relationship, because continuity is no business key.

     Branches in the enterprise manufacturers

- Plastic-loving plant Arif Obaid company and its partners and also includes industries Nylon gentlemen and printed all sizes, manufacturing and rolls of tin and aluminum bags of jelly partners both sirs: Arif Obaid Mohammed Obaidmariachi Fayez Bilal Obaid Yasser Yassin

- United central to the companys factory paper cups manufacturing all kinds of paper cups in all sizes from all partners sirs: Arif Obaid Mohammed Obaid mariachi Fayez Bilal Obaid - Yasser Yassin

 May we have developed industry in our company so that we have the opening of the factory United central to the company for the manufacture of cardboard Htakhts the companys production paper cups in all sizes

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